Saturday, June 5, 2010

1st Generation iPad Final Thoughts

1st this iPad discussion is becoming a nasty debate. Let us clear up some thoughts about this new category by Apple. Yes it looks like nothing more than a iPod Touch or iPhone, just bigger! Keep in mind this device was not and is not a Multi-Task device. You can't do 2 things or more at same time. It has NO USB, NO SD Card slot, and NO Camera. I think its safe to say it doesn't even compete with todays newest netbooks, not even the older model netbooks. This device is geared toward media consumption, even thou the storage capacity is very lacking. A ipod classic has more storage capacity than this iPad. Every PC or for the matter Netbook will do more than this over-priced and non-functional device, for over 90% of us out their. Will Apple learn from the mistakes of the lack of functions in the next model? Im sure most of Apples biggest focus group for this gadget is one of the two or both groups. 1 the Apple Fanboys, and Teenagers. I dont see a person even consider electing to use this as a primary computing device, not functional enough with the shortcomings it currently has. Here is a way to look at this. Most current netbooks are offering 160 or 250 GB storage capacity, almost all Netbooks have a Webcam. All Netbooks have USB port, 2 if not 3! Every netbook we have reviewed had a SD Card Slot. Not even the cheapest PC on the market has a skinny 64GB storage capacity! NONE! The screen on the iPad is even smaller than all current netbooks. For the price of the average iPad you can get a mid range and functional PC, that does more, much more. I don't see what all the hype about this gadget is. I call it a gadget, because it is not a computer in my opinion. I personally don't see why Apple people keep supporting Mr. Jobs ignorant ego. The fact that he doesn't like Adobe Flash means nobody should in his opinion, and the lack of support on Apple products. I hope that more people will become PC People and support the reason why PC is over 85% of the market for a reason! Now if you are looking for a pretty and functionless device with a Apple Logo on the back a iPad is perfect for you, especially if you love overpaying for uselessness. This will be my last post regarding the iPad 1st Generation. I think it is clear how I feel about the iPad and Apple in General. I do love, and Use the iPod, that's it. Have a great rest of the weekend to all. Please don't buy a iPad. Also be aware of current Piracy Actions, I'm so serious to all you P2P Users, its getting risky, and dangerous!

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