Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8th 2010

Big news is here in the Technology arena. Well big to some, and nothing to others. Lets start with the HTC EVO 4G: This amazing phone sold out in ALL U.S. Stores, and Online! This has been rated one of the biggest launch dates for a smartphone, well in some time. Since the lack luster shelf removal of the Palm Pre, the HTC EVO 4G is making one mean recovery for the retailer SPRINT!
For all you MAC users, the company Seagate has a storage solution for you. If you have the loot $199 (1TB)$299 (2TB) This new drive offers you firewire 800, and USB 2.0. Comes in a pretty aluminum brushed finish, to match your current desk estate.
iPad Pulse App has been removed from the Apple Store! In the recent D8 event it was praised, and went from a must have to not available. Due to part of New York Times compplaints of copyright issues. I think its funny Apple a Media retailer gets nailed for copyright infringement, but hates illegal music downloading, that's a parody!
Well if you concerned about finding more information about the BP Oil Spill, well BP and Google have come up with a simple solution. BP has bought the keywords "Oil Spill"! I suppose since they at BP can't clean the mess up, they can inform you of their lack of current appeal.
iPhone Users here is some info. that will or can concern you. Thinking about upgrading to 4G? Looking to get that higher capacity Storage? Look to spend $200 to $300 to upgrade, or $600 to $700 to get a new phone! To drop your current contract and move up to Verizon will cost AT&T customers over $350. The HTC Incredible is priced more competitive, and has newer capacities, and larger screen. But in the end its your wallet, and coverage that makes the choice, right!
Direc TV software went well, not so well! Those of you who have taken onto the commercials and bought into Direct TV are sure to have been disappointed with the HD DVR service. Due to service has a big bug, it don't work! You will have to reset the machine not once, but twice. The customer service line will not be a quick solution either, can you feel the apologies coming? Should have gotten or kept cable, uh!
Microsoft Windows 7 Phone update is finally here, for those of you who thought a Android based phone wasn't for you. The screen text should improve via a update, as well a a more responsive phone. Windows on a phone? What are you people thinking?
Asus Eee Tablet will soon arrive in Japan, and later in the U.S. It will feature the average specifications of today's modern Netbooks, but way more than a iPad! 1.66Ghz Atom / 250GB Hard Drive / 6 USB 2.0 Ports / 5 in 1 Card Reader / 15.6" screen! Also a full function of Windows 7 Home edition! To top the cake you can even elect to purchase the optional touchscreen option, how much extra thou. Eee on the move.
Gamer Folks out there, and Music junkies alike will or shuld be happy to hear of a new release of DJ Hero 2! Offering two platforms, the standard, and party edition. The standard will come in standard black as the original, and the Party Edition will come in dual decks, in white. They have now added a Microphone! $99 to $149 depending on your flavor of choice.
Rolling Stone Magazine June 10th 2010 edition, was very upsetting to me, right from the cover! I know Russel Brand is a popular man, and all. But do we really need to see him spread on the cover like butter on bread? This was nasty, in my opinion. I suppose we should be proud he did have pants on, barely right! I don't care anything about seeing his lower area at all, not to mention is nasty curlies! In short it was disturbing, gross, and uncalled for.
Till the next post all be well, and happy. Wish us luck tonight in our softball game, should be a rough one. Wilson Farms vs Harkins Roofing. Dreading Thursday night as well Harkins Roofing vs Wam Bam Sam, wish us luck, we need it, really! Thanks all!

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